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An artificial language developed by M. A. Foster, originally refered to as singlespeech spoken by the Ler.

Each Singlespeech syllable has four possible meanings. Each Singlespeech word has four "modes" corresponding to the four classical Greek elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water)

Various categories of objects always have names with the same numbers of syllables, e.g. stars have four-syllable names.

Each ler has a name consisting of three syllables, e.g. "Maellenkleth"

Unfortunately the original website was "hijacked" some years ago.
There are only a few referances to the language and its forms available on the web.
Hopefully the files associated with the language will be recovered and posted at a later date.

İM. A. Foster

1. The Gameplayers of Zan

Books M. A. Foster hasn't written yet:

"Siege of Kark"
"Tamvardir the Insibling"
"The King of Shent"
"Ericord the Tyrant"

These are some that Schaeszendur dreams of while in the box before autoforgetting.1